Book Reviews

In am writing reviews for VB(A), C#, PHP and Supply Chain oriented books. And any other books in which I have interest! 🙂

If you have a book in this area and you wish to have a review + link of your book on my site, the only thing you should do is to send me the book. I prefer a paper copy, online versions will be reviewed only if the book has not issued its paper copy or I am extremely interested in the book.

So, it is absolutely free! In a way it is a win-win situation – you get a review of your book and I get the book and its knowledge! Here you may see my reviews in Amazon.Com


Stuff Reviews – On Video

Except for books, I am willing to laptops, mobile phones and other interesting gadgets.

I am aware, that this is going to be more difficult, thus I have a partner for this – – one of the most visited Bulgarian sites specialized in gaming reviews. So, if you have a gadget and you need a video review on my site + a review in, please contact me. As I mentioned before, reviews are free of any charge. 🙂


review @ vitoshacademy . com