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Linear Algebra – Drawing with Vectors – 3d and 2d

Plotting 2d and 3d vectors into a 3d space can be actually fun. Using mainly the code from Math for Programmers, I am presenting in this video an example of plotting 2d into 3d and back, using identity matrix and

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Python – Cramer’s Rule for Linear Equations – With YouTube Video

Creamer’s rule for a solution of linear equations states pretty much the following: Using this interesting picture from the German Wikipedia, I have created the following video, explaining a bit the Rule of Mr. Cramer: The video goes through the

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Go – “While Do” and “Do While” loops in go

Ok, so the golang language does not exactly have the word “while” in it. Anyway, the do-while and while-do loops can be easily implemented with a for loop. The main difference between the do-while and while-do is that in the

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Git Log tricks

The idea here would be to show some git log tricks and to develop the article, whenever I find something more and more worthy. Before starting this one, please remember that exiting vim editors in the command prompt is with

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VBA – Get Substring Between 2 Substrings – Locate value of Nth XML

Getting N-th string between two substrings might sound a bad idea, until you do not need it. And with VBA, you better have something prepared. So, imagine the following XML (from this article here):

Your task is to get

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Python – Virtual Environment

This is a short step-by-step introduction on how to build virtual environment in Python and how to use it. Virtual envirnments keep dependencies, required by the specific project separated. Thus, it is the “clean and clear” place of the project,

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Creating a visualization – Messi vs Ronaldo

They say practice makes perfect and in order to improve my data visualization skills I recently took up a weekly challenge. There are multiple ones depending on your interest and tool of choice, most of them advertised on Twitter. Whether

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Excel – Get Top Row of a Multi Row / Mult Column Range

=VLOOKUP and =INDEX(MATCH(),MATCH()) are well known formulas, if you need to get some value corresponding to another value from a specific column. The problem comes, when you are having more than one column or row, and you need to locate the

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Format and Color Text in Excel Cell with VBA

Formatting a substring of a string in an Excel Cell is actually quite a challenging task. There are two ways to do it – select part of the substring that you wish to format and change its color. Then make

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SQL – Make XML from a SQL database

Some time ago I have decided to go a little deeper into SQL. And by some time ago I probably mean some years. Anyhow, in this article I will present the ways I know to make XML out of SQL

Google Chrome Extension – Building a simple extension for VitoshAcademy.Com

In this article I will simply let you know, that has its own google extension now – it simply shows you  the last 10 articles in the site and it lets you know if there is a new one.

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JavaScript – Make a RegEx Text Tool

Plenty of Regular Expressions tools are available in the net. Most of them are free and quite quick. I have actually never thought that building such a tool can be done rather quickly, as far as the RegEx is part

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JavaScript – A function returning a function returning a function

Working with JS may be difficult for a beginner. Or for someone like me, who dares to think of himself as a … let’s call it not a beginner. 🙂 One of the strangest staff there, if you are coming from the

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jQuery – Forms And Automatic Selectors

Although VitoshAcademy is not an  Academy, there should be some educational stuff. Thus, in this article I have decided to put something educational. 🙂 Let’s see how to make a simple selector in jQuery, which updates below some text, based

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jQuery, JS – Build a Probability Simulator

Some time ago a king needed money. So he gathered his advisors and told them to think of a new task. One of them offered to tax stupidity. The king asked one question – how. The guy came up with a

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jQuery Events – Trigger vs TriggerHandler

Let’s start from the very beginning in jQuery. Somewhere in the beginning there are events and buttons. So, I will start from there, explaining how to Trigger events and what is the difference between trigger and triggerHandler. Trigger triggers the event completely

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jQuery Mobile – Make a simple mobile web site

Building web sites is for at least 20 years a thing. Even I am able to build one, using WordPress without some advanced IT skills. Lately, I was into jQuery and thus I found something really meaningful and well written

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JavaScript – Create Ul and LI elements with JS (With chained function)

When you code in JS, there is always some time that you need to create some html list with JS from array or list or something else. I knew the trivial way with a simple for loop, but when I put myself

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JavaScript – Some code for inheritance in JavaScript

The last month I am writing mainly small pieces of code for JavaScript, because I think I start to like the language somehow (and I took 3 books for review in JS and so far I have only reviewed one).

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JavaScript – How to make a module in JS

Making a module in JS is kind of interesting. Especially, if you expect something like a class like in VBA or C#. Well, it has nothing to do with it, it is just a function, assigned to a variable. In

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JavaScript – Some ways to build functions in JavaScript

There are plenty of ways to make functions in JS. However, the nicest ones are to assign the function to a variable and to call the variable. Why this is the nicest one? Well, probably because I cannot make something

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JS – OOP in JS, made simple

JavaScript seems to be the language for me for December. Although I am really working with VBA only, JS has really a lot to show. Thus, today I will simply write some easy OOP samples, that I can use later

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JS – Another To Do App

There is something about these todo apps. Probably the reason that I put so much attention on them is that they are the easiest to be built and you may always try something new on them. This is probably the

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JS – Another simple js game with counters and click events

Recently I have started to read a little more about JS, in order to make the reviews of some JS books. Thus, this December would be JS December (or at least the first part of it! 🙂 ). So, lets

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Maths – VAT Calculation Formula

If your VAT is 20% and you want to calculate how much VAT should you pay for 100 EUR: (0.2*100)/(1+0.2) = 16.67 EUR This is how to calculate how much is the sum without VAT of 100 EUR with VAT:

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VB .Net – Notifications for Windows Taskbar

Every user of Windows has seen the notifications on the Windows Taskbar. They are somehow not pleasant, but sometimes useful with the information they provide. If you want to make use of those in VB .Net, this article would show you how to

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HTA – HTML Application with Basic!

Today I found out that there is a possibility to build nice applications with Visual Basic, using HTML and CSS in them. The technology is called HTA – HTML Application and it looks pretty much as an exe file with

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VB – XML Generator with Visual Basic

So, while I am really working with VBA for the latest months, I have decided to upgrade a little and to take a look what can be done with VB .Net, hoping that some better ideas would come and I would be

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MySQL for MS Excel

Yes, it exists! Today, I somehow managed to install it from here. This is how it looks like: Just a small icon in the Excel data tab. Once you click, you are asked to make the connection with the DB. Due

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Angular JS – Just Another To-Do App

In the last year, I have made quite enough To-Do apps – just in I have published one with PHP with login functionality,  and I had quite a big project (about 3 days of coding from 3 coders ) here

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