jQuery – Add And Remove to list, Generation of Random Text

In the current article I show how to make a simple adder and remover with jQuery to a list and how to generate a randomizator (not a real one, though!) with jQuery.

We have three divs – my_main, my_adder, my_remover and every time we click on one of the first two, we get a result in the last one. As simple as that. In the result we get the possibility to generate a random string with increasing lenght (up to some limits). The random string is achieved through  (Math.random() + 1).toString(36).substr(2,counter); The idea is that a random number is converted to a 36 digit system and taken as string. That is why we have limits in the length. The “+1” is to avoid some possibility of getting a small result.

So, this is how the thing looks like:


And its JS code is here:

If you are willing to see the CSS and the HTML – check the GitHub account!

That is all! 😀

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