VB.NET – Build a small teasing game with VB

The game is indeed small, and really teasing… Actually, it has no interface, no gameplay, nothing. It can be used by professional CS players to train their mouses and brains. Or just to break their keyboard, if they are really nervous.

Anyway, this is the game screen:



The point is to make the values of X and Y equal. These are controlled by the mouse cursor. Anyway, to make it, you should only be staying in the  rectangular in the top left corner. Once you manage, you get a message box. And the score is updated. I was thinking of making it a little better, adding some interface and timers, but I realized that it is really teasing to try to do it. So, it is like this. The interesting part is, that one may see how the numbers from the coordination system are generated by the movement of the mouse.

Pretty much, that is it. You need Windows Form application from Visual Studio with 8 labels to do it. The labels were not named properly 🙂 Like this:


So far that is it. This is the code in the form:

The code is also in GitHub here! Enjoy it! 😀

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