VBA – Dirty Little Helper – MZ Tools

VBA is not a perfect language – actually it is not exactly a language, but if you have worked 4+ years in Excel and then you have discovered it, it is probably like miracle for you! (especially if you have worked mainly with 2007 and 2003).

After obtaining some experience with VBA & some other PC languages, I have started to miss things in VBA, which are present in the other languages (mainly in C#). And then I started to look for them anywhere.

And then I found something reliable – and I decided to write a small article about it, because it is really good and helps! And it is free!

I am talking about MZ Toolbar. It really saves time. At least for me, the possiblility to have an option to define shortcuts has probably saved me up to 30 minutes in programming time (I think it is a lot!).

Another great option is the ability to save code or to generate message boxes. The following form is available from the menu:msgboxass

Once you select something and insert it in a subroutine, the following code is self generated:

It is not really difficult to write it on your own, but with tools like this it is fancier 🙂

And it is completely free! Respect!