F.A.Q. and N.F.A.Q.

In this section I will try to answer some questions, which you will probably never ask yourself.

help  What is the license of the content of the site?

help  What do you do with the private information that you keep?

  • The web site does not keep any private information. This is one of the reason why comments are disabled. The only information that is kept is the one relevant for Google Adsense, because in 2018 I have decided to put some ads. To see what Google does with this information and how it keeps it – read its policies here – https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads

help  Hi! I like you internet site and I would like to ask you to review my IT book. How can I contact you for this?

  • Great! Thanks for the nice words. 🙂 Please, use the following e-mail review@vitoshacademy.com

help  Why is your site called VitoshAcademy? Is it an academy?

  • Well, I liked the name. And it is not an academy or anything similar. Just a site where I write some code.

help  You are Bulgarian. Why is this web site in English?

  • Тhe site is in English, because this is international language in IT.

help  What is the idea of this web-site?

  • The idea is to provide my knowledge for C#, Python and VBA to myself and someone who is interested. Thus, it can be accessed from everywhere and is quite useful.

help  Where is this code coming from? Some of it seems to be as coming from homework or something.

  • Indeed. Some of the code is written as a homework for Telerik, SoftUni or HackBulgaria. The VBA code is generated by me and I have considered it useful and interesting, so I have decided to put it here. 

help  Can we trust the code for download? There are a lot of files with VBA in them and it is quite easy to put some virus in them?

  • The answer is that as noted in the first question, this work is licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. There it is described that no warranties are given. Generally and honestly speaking, it is always better to be safe in the internet and not to download anything from any site. So, if you are asking yourself a question – should I download an exe file from an unknown site – well, the answer is – “Do not do this!“.