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Short story:


Vitosh (and hence vitoshAcademy)
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  1. VBA (VBA is separated from programming, because I want to avoid answering to messages such as “VBA is not real programming, this is just a funny scripting language” or similar);
  2. Programming (C#, WPF, XAML, JavaScript, Phyton, HTML & CSS, T-SQL) ;
  3. German and other languages (Russian and Greek mainly, Bulgarian is my mother tongue);
  4. Optimization of processes;
  5. Sport – half-marathons and mountain running, cycling, fitness.

Master Thesis

Somewhere between the short and the long story is probably the correct place for my Master Thesis.

Long story:

(This is a part of a cover letter, written somewhere in the spring of 2013)

I started my first job in a warehouse in Sofia, Bulgaria, when I was 19. There I understood the basics of the logistics “from within”. After spending more than a year there, I have switched position to a call centre company, providing software live support. There, I have learnt how to provide customer satisfaction through achieving better performance than the one in the SLAs. In my third job, as a junior consultant in the leading Greek consultancy company for supply chain and logistics, I have learnt to think as a consultant for the logistics projects, in which I participated. In that position, I was part of a team, defining, measuring and improving business performance. Due to the crisis in Greece, the company has closed its Bulgarian office and I found a job as a translator in a Bulgarian construction company, operating in Greece. After two months, I was promoted to project manager and I was responsible for a small team of 8 Bulgarian workers. Furthermore, for 1 year, I was the contact person for the company in Greece, handling all the administrative functions of the branch. After the termination of the project, I have looked for an opportunity to develop my education further.

It may seem strange, that I have so much working experience, but I have also combined it with my education – I was always studying and working together. I am a holder of bachelor degree in Greek philology and a master degree in Business Administration – Strategic Management, profile Marketing. Both degrees are from the oldest University in Bulgaria – the University of Sofia. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. I have passed all my courses successfully and I have to write my master thesis in order to obtain my second master degree in business. As a part of my education, I have decided to do a 6-month internship at the corporate supply chain department of Metro AG in Dusseldorf. My internship has ended on 23 January 2013.

I have networking skills and due to my various education backgrounds, I am positive, that I possess strong networking skills and I have the ability to interact with all areas of the business. As a contact person for the Bulgarian construction company in Greece, I was in contact with various departments of the company daily. My networking skills are based on the fact, that I speak fluently four languages from diverse language families – Bulgarian, Russian, Greek and English. My German language is on an advanced level. Furthermore, I have medium level of Spanish and Dutch, which gives me the possibility to speak with many people in their mother tongue, if needed.


If for any reason, you would like to contact me, please send me a message through my LinkedIn profile, write me in Facebook or simply drop me a message here.