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C – File Finder – Tiny C Projects

Back in ancient times, one of the most popular MS-DOS utilities I wrote was the Fast File Finder. It wasn’t particularly fast, of course. But it did the job of finding a file anywhere on the PC’s hard drive when

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Book Review – Stephen Wolfram – Adventures of Computational Explorer

Some time ago, I have received the book of Stephen Wolfram – Adventures of Computational Explorer for a review. Stephen is the guy behind WolframAlpha –, a PhD in physics before his 21. birthday, considered a prodigy by some

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Book Review – Pro ASP.NET Core MVC 2

Adam Freeman has written the 7th edition of the Pro ASP.NET Core MVC 2 book. And there should really be a reason to issue the book so many times! The book itself gives my favourite way of presenting software –

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Book Review – Java Script Recipies

Russ Ferguson and Keith Cirkel have managed to write an interesting book about JavaScript with some interesting knowledge. As I have read plenty of JS books and I have almost never worked professionally with JS, I am always eager to

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Book Review – Bad Programming Practices 101

Before learning how to program, one should learn how not to program – this is the idea of the book Bad Programming Practices 101, which was kindly provided to me for a review by The book shows some bad

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Book Review – Blockchain Basics

I have missed the probably* easiest way to become rich in the last 1000 years – BitCoin. At the beginning I was thinking it is too small to care about and then I thought it is too expensive to buy.

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Book Review – Clean C++

Time has passed since my last review in VitoshAcademy and thus I have requested a new great book from for a review. Although I am not a C++ developer (and I have never been paid to develop on anything

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Book Review – Business Intelligence Tools for Small Companies

About a month ago I have received the Business Intelligence Tools for Small Companies book, upon a request from my site to Now, the book is read and I am writing the review. In general, the book starts with

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News – Book Review – BI Tools for Small Companies – Coming Soon

Business Intelligence is really a thing in the small companies – usually they do not want to invest a lot into software and consultancy, thus a regular controller or a developer can become the company’s champion easily. 🙂 As far

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Review – Meller Watch

As a blogger I review software and IT books quite a lot. Thus, I have decided to switch a bit to something else. E.g. – reviewing gadgets and anything interesting. 🙂 Thus, the first item I managed to obtain for

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Oasis SVN – Software Review – with Video! :)

In VitoshAcademy I try to be on the edge of VBA technologies. Unfortunately, this is not that difficult, as far as VBA is really like the hated child of Microsoft – it works quite a lot and it does a pretty

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Book Review – Practical Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

My friends from have provided me again with a great book upon my request! Thus, it is time for the review. In general, I was awaiting 190 page book with Visual Studio shortcuts and quick tricks. Even, I was

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Review – vbWatchdog – professional error tracking tool

As a VBA Developer, I am always interested in the latest technologies in the VBA world. This is not that difficult, as far as there is not plenty of new stuff there, thus whenever I see something interesting, I try

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Video Review – Delphi Solutions Part 1

The reason why I have decided to go a bit deeper into Delphi, is because I will go to a Delphi coding camp in about 1 month in Frankfurt. Thus, I have to be a bit more prepared for the

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Book Review – C# 6.0 and the .Net 4.6 Framework

My first impression from seeing the C# 6.0 book delivered at home was like – lol, someone has written 1600+ pages on C# – interesting what is inside? After opening the book, I have noticed two things – this is

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Book Review – SQL Server Query Performance Tuning

In August 2016 I have decided to review a few SQL books – thus, has provided me with 5 high quality books, upon my request. Now, about 5 months later I am writing the review of the last one,

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Book Review – Expert Scripting and Automation for SQL Server DBAs

After October 2016 I have become a MCP in SQL Server (exam 70-461). In order to obtain the certification, I have decided to start reading mainly SQL Server books. Thus, I have kindly requested some from Apress.Com for a review and they

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VBA – Protect your code – Unviewable+ and the Ribbon Commander

Let’s state it straight every VBA developer is happy, when he can protect his own code. The VBE password is not secure protection, everyone with a few free hours and a good internet access can go around it. Thus, I was

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Book Review – Pro SQL Server Administration

After some months, the time for the book review of “Pro SQL Server Administration” has come. I have always wanted to have a good, big Bible-like book for SQL Server (it’s a weird dream), and finally I have obtained one

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Book Review – Macro Recording in Excel

Some days ago, I was informed by Mrs. Poleg, that she has had published a new book concerning VBA and Excel. As far as VBA is the tool, that gives me bread and butter on the table, I was willing to

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Book Review – Relational Database Programming

Today I have finished the reading of Relational Database Programming, brought to me kindly by Thus the review is now here: The author is a SQL developer. He was “laughed” for being a not a “real developer” from some developers,

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Book Review – Beginning SQL Queries – From Novice to Professional

Lately I have decided to put some more attention into SQL Server. Thus, I have kindly asked Apress.Com to provide me with some SQL books for review. The first one I have just finished reading was the book Beginning SQL

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Book Review – Creating Google Chrome Extensions

Everyone using google chrome browser probably uses some extensions as well. I personally use mail checker, Hola and ad-blocker. To be honest, I have never been never thinking how these extensions were made, until I have noticed the book “Creating

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Book Review – Databases for Small Business

So, its time to review the “Databases for Small Business” – a book from Anna Manning, nicely provided to me by for a review. Well, after reading it, I may say one thing – it is an interesting book,

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VbaDiff Review – VBA Software for source control with additional features

Some time ago I had to open a VBA file saved as *.xlsb. The password protection for this was a little more difficult than the one for *.xlsm, thus after some research I have found a tool called VbaDiff, which claimed

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Book Review – Learn PHP7

The last few weeks I was busy, enjoying the nice landscapes of Bavaria and reading Learn PHP 7. The first one was more interesting than the second one definitely, but still reading the book was nice in its own way.

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Book Review – JavaScript Object Programming

Some time has passed after I have received the JavaScript Object Programming for a review from Actually, much more than expected, considering the size of the book of only 95 pages (w/o appendices). Let’s write something about the book

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Book Review – Excel VBA 2013: For Non-Programmers (Programming in Everyday Language) – Second Edition

Some time ago I have reviewed the first edition of Excel VBA for non programmers. Thus, I was really flattered when the author has asked me to review the second edition as well. 🙂 The strong sites from the first

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Book Review – Full Stack JavaScript

Some months ago I have asked Apress.Com to get the book Full Stack JavaScript for a review. Finally, I have finished it, thus the review can begin 🙂 The book is divided into 8 chapters, introducing different technologies as Backbone.js,

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Book Review – Pro PHP and jQuery

A little less than two months ago I was kindly provided with the second edition of the book Pro PHP and jQuery for a review. I have about 2 years experience with both technologies, although I am making a living mainly