Month: September 2014

VBA – Excel custom functions – Document Properties

If you program with Excel and VBA, probably you have plenty of various functions, showing you how to access some of the file properties. Mainly file path and file name. With the current VBA module, you may see how to

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VBA – Save a Chart as a Picture (Gif)

With the current article I will simple present some easy code, transferring Chart (diagram) to a picture. It is not something unusual, but sometimes it may be very handy, if you are trying to use the picture later. So, let’s imagine

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C# – Enumeration – Classes builders

This week I have started again to look into Object Oriented Programming with C#. Thus, I have built a small example of OOP, using Enumeration. In the example I have two classes – the class “RunningCar”, containing the Main method

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C# – Defining Classes – SoftUni Homework

Some time ago I wrote a homework, concerning building classes. The easiest part of it looked like this as a task: Define a class Person that has name, age and email. The name and age are mandatory. The email is optional.

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VBA – Create Query with VBA

There are many ways to create a query in Access. However, creating a query with VBA code is something quite challenging. The code below creates an object of type query, named “MyQuery”. The SQL of the object is also given

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