Month: June 2018

C# – Casino Black and Red Simulation – is it Worthy?

Going to a casino is probably quite an easy way to lose money. In the long term. Let’s say that you are following the strategy – always double when you lose and you bet on numbers above 18 on the

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Book Review – Bad Programming Practices 101

Before learning how to program, one should learn how not to program – this is the idea of the book Bad Programming Practices 101, which was kindly provided to me for a review by The book shows some bad

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Run Python Functions From Excel With VBA with Shell through CommandPrompt

Selecting Python for a “weapon” of choice has many positive points, which I am not going to describe now. Still, if you want to run python code with the help of VBA and the Shell through the CommandPrompt of Windows,

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VBA – Select Multiple Cells in a Excel Range

Selecting multiple cells in Excel through VBA may be quite a difficult task. Although,¬†using Select is not always a good practice, sometimes it should be done. To generate some numeric values, let’s run the following:

After this, we have

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VBA – Simulation of Rolling Dices

Excel and VBA are a powerful tool for simulation. The idea is to simulate dice throwing and to keep the best N throws as our score. Other model variables are Times I roll, which stands for how many times do

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