Month: September 2018

Hashing Passwords in Python


Learn how passwords can be stored without a risk of leaking them in this tutorial by Alessandro Molina, a Python developer since 2001 and currently the core developer of the TurboGears2 web framework and maintainer of Beaker Caching/Session framework.While cryptography is

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Call Stack Dialog Box in VBA

Calling the stack dialog box in VBA is actually a very useful feature of the VBA Editor. This is what the Microsoft documentation says about it: Displays a list of currently active procedure calls during break mode. When executing code

VBA – Data scraping from Internet with Excel

Sometimes, you may need to scrape some structured data from the internet with Excel. Honestly, Excel. Honestly, Excel should be your last weapon of choice there, as far as it is really not a web-scraping software. Still, it is quite

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