Month: June 2019

VBA – Reverse words in a sentence

Reversing words in a sentence with VBA in Excel is quite easy, using the built-in StrReverse function. StrReverse takes a string and reverses it. Thus, “” becomes “moc.ymedacAhsotiV”: The idea of reversing the order of the words in a sentence

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VBA – Cells and Ranges in Excel (A bit more than the standard story)

Excel’s ranges and cells are both complicated and very simple. They are simple, because everyone has an idea what is a range and what is a cell, and they are complicated, because these are both: Properties of the worksheet object

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VBA – Benford Analysis (First-Digit Law)

Long time ago, an astronomer called Benford was taking a look at logarithm books, noticing that the earlier pages (starting with 1) are pretty much more worn out than the later ones. He thought about the result, and managed to

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VBA – Dictionary

VBA has a dictionary structure. Dictionary is an object, and it can be referenced either with early binding or with a late binding, referring to Microsoft Scripting Runtime: What is a dictionary? This is the Microsoft definition of the VBA

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Python – Stand Alone Application with GUI

Python has a built-in GUI package, which allows easy building of forms like this: The package used in this example is tkinter. The form above takes the value, entered in the entry field, squares it and displays it back in

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C# – CodeForces – From Hero to Zero

It was some time ago, since I last took a look at programming challange in CodeForces, thus I have decided to take a look again. So, I chose the lowest problem of the second division just to boost up my

C# – Look at the Variables’ Values, while Debugging in Visual Studio

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer. In order to debug well, we need to know the value of the current variable. In Visual Studio, this could be acquired through multiple ways.

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