Azure – Quickstart: Deploy a Pyton Flask web app to Azure App Service – With YouTube Video

Following the step-by-step original tutorial here, I have created a simple Azure video tutorial, explaining how to deploy a python flask web app with local git. The idea to have something on your own PC and then simply using this 2 git lines to put it in azure, available for anyone has fascinated me:

Indeed, it works, see the video at the bottom.

The tutorial starts with sample application, which is cloning the one here – It has two screens:

Writing your name in the text field…


…returns a greeting with your name.

And while it is really easy to run this app from your pc, if you watch the video below, you will see how it is deployed in Azure, so anyone from the entire internet can use that app, if they have accessed this url for the 10 minutes it was active –

I hope you have enjoyed watching the video as much as I have enjoyed making it! 🙂

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