Book Review – JavaScript Object Programming

Some time has passed after I have received the JavaScript Object Programming for a review from Actually, much more than expected, considering the size of the book of only 95 pages (w/o appendices).


Let’s write something about the book now:

It promises to briefly explains the advantages of Object model and to show how these concept can be implemented in JavaScript. And it does it! 🙂 The book is with just enough theory to understand what is going on, trying to avoid the trivial OOP examples and gives a good understanding about the general OOP. I personally liked the way the OOP Principles were ranked, amongst their repetitiveness in the first 20 entries of a google search. The results were quite what was expected 🙂

So, the book starts with creating objects and explaining the two distinct models of JS objects. Then it goes into manipulation of objects, inheritance theory and practice, oop principles, etc. Pretty interesting, if you are a JS professional. There is enough code amongst the examples and each chapter finishes with a small summary.


Just one tiny minus, but still it bugged me a bit – I could not find the code of the book anywhere available. I really consider it not a good practice, although the code was not a lot and could have been written down easily.

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