Last Used Row (Last Used Column) in Excel with Formula (without VBA)

Getting the last row of a given column in Excel is easily done with a User-Defined Function in VBA:

There are two other formulas, which would get the last used cell in a given row, depending on whether it is a numeric or string:

The first one gets the last used numeric row and the second one returns the last used non-numeric row. For last used numeric/non-numeric row, a union of these could be used:

However, there is a small problem – when the last cell is an error, the MAX()  formula returns not the last one. In the example below it returns 6  and not 7 :

Thus, the four ultimate formulas, that always work for last “things” are the following:

To get the rows/columns:

Last Row of column A

Last Column of the first row

To get the values

Last Row Value of Column A

Last Column Value of the first row

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