Review – 11 incredible Excel conditional Formatting Tricks, Excel Shortcuts, 7 Genius ways of using Advance Filter

Today I have received something, that at first looked as a spam e-mail, but for some reason the spam filter has not caught it. Then I took a second look at it and I have noticed, that it was from the, a great place where I used to ask VBA questions some 2 or 3 years ago. Thus, the ExcelForum have decided to gather some of their knowledge to build a free e-book out of it! 🙂 The books are available at the links of their pictures below 😀

I have decided that this is great and the efforts should be rewarded with a review of two of the books on my site 🙂  Thus, let’s started with the first one.

11 Incredible Excel Conditional Formatting

Pretty much the book is built on from 11 forum questions, which come up with great answers! The book consists of 11 chapters, each for one formatting type and it is really great to read.

If you still have not opened the book, these are the 11 excel conditional formatting there:

Conditional Formattings
N Name
1 Conditional Format Based on Dates
2 Find Occurrence of Text in a Column through Conditional formatting
3 How to highlight a row on the basis of cell
4 Compare 2 Columns and Return Fill Red if is different
5 How to check the row and then highlight the first cell of the row
6 Highlight Cells Tomorrow Excluding Weekend
7 Conditional Formatting to Mark Dates on a Calendar
8 Counting the Length of Characters in a Cell before a Particular Character
9 Highlight the Top 10 Sales through Conditional Formatting
10 Conditional Formatting for Pivot Tables
11 Conditional Format Between First and Last Non-Blank Cells

7 Genius Ways of Using Advance Filter in Excel

The advanced filter book is as useful as the previous one. If you want impressive filters in your spreadsheet, then you would probably benefit from it! These are the topics, used in the book.

Advanced Filter
N Name
(: Introduction to Advance Filter
1 Using “And” “Or” and Multiple Criteria
2 How to Filter Unique Records?
3 How to Use Wildcards?
4 Extract records after specific date criteria
5 Extract items between 2 Date’s criteria
6 How to extract data with specific text?
7 How to extract data to another worksheet using VBA?

The last topic is quite impressive. With just 3 simple lines of code in VBA, you make a small app in MS Excel, filtering anything you need in a beautiful way like this:



There is a sample file for this example in the book! If you are pretty interested in it, here comes the code:

🙂 Enjoy the free books! 😀

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