Book Review – C# in Depth, 3rd Edition – Free Code

This is the second C# book, to which I am writing a review. So far I have read the first 100 pages of the book and I have obtained an idea about it. It is definitely not for beginners with less than 6 months experience with C#.


The first part of the book, “Preparing for the Journey” is written in a really interesting way – it simply shows how the code has evaluated through the different versions of C#. This is where you can become scared, if you are inexperienced – the code is just written there without very much explanations. And this is not the goal of the writer – his goal with the first chapter is to impress you and to make you interested in C# programming, which he has achieved. He even mentions – “Do not be afraid if you do not understand the code at the beginning.”  & “In this chapter I’ll let the C# compiler do amazing things without telling you how and barely mentioning the what or the why. ” So, to be honest I could not understand all the code, but after copying it into Visual Studio and running it I saw it in action and I liked it!

Here comes second great thing about the book – it simply publishes their code in the internet, available to anyone, interested in C#. The web-site is here – and if you are interested in the book you can take a look at the 21 MB of quality code it presents! For FREE!

The last nice part of the book, I would like to mention is the style of the author – he really understands all the problems a junior coder has, when he sees a complicated code. Thus, some encouraging elements in the book help you to continue & not lose your interest during reading!

Some of the greatest looking code of the book (judged by me) is going to be explained later in my website.

This review is going to be enlarged, once I read more of the book.