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C# – Eggcellent – Painting on the console

Sometimes, you may see something that seems rather easy to be achieved, you have a vision in your mind regarding it and it still takes 5 times more time and patience to get it. Today, after taking a look at

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C# – Binary Operations – Count of Binary Digits Count

The binary operations problems are probably the ones, that can easily make a student to quit with programming tasks. They are somehow too abstract and the fun they bring is really doubtful. Anyway, in contests for programming so far, I

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C# – Taking only numbers from array and working with them – (The Horror)

Looking into some programming task is sometimes challenging. You may think that the answer is quite simple, but actually someone has decided to make you sweat. In this task  you should read one line from the console and print the sum

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C# – Conversion of text array to integer array

In the current article I present an interesting problem, concerning conversion of text array to integer array. The casting of values in arrays has always been a problem for people without much experience and with the current text I will

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C# – Simple Counter of Values in Array – Miss Cat 2011

On the mood to find some solutions for old C# programming contests, I have decided to take a look at a quite simple problem and to give it a try again. I wanted to come up with a solution using List<int>

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