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WPF – Triggers and Styles – Pro WPF 4.5 in C# book

Some time ago I started reading this book – Pro WPF 4.5 in C#. As far as it was given to me in order to write some reviews on it, today I have decided to write something about chapter 11.

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C# – WPF – Generate an Excel file with WPF

In the current article I proudly present a simple application, which creates a simple Excel file from XAML. In the example I present I am using Excel 2010 as this is my current version. In order to be able to

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C# – WPF – EightBall Application – simple code

In this article I present a code from the book “Pro WPF 4.5. in C#“, which I consider useful and interesting. The application concerns building a simple program where you may ask a yes-no question and get a random answer.

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C# – WPF – Voice Control Simple Snake Game

As a beginner in WPF, I am trying to become really better in the subject by changing existing codes and adding some new features in it. This code simply adds a voice control feature of the snake WPF game from

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C# – WPF – Flow Document – Document with C#

With the current article I will show you how to create a simple application, presenting yourself. The most of the application is created in XAML. Roughly, it looks like this:   The text is from here. This application is really

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C# – WPF – Dropdown menus & audio combination

In this article I present the combination of a drop-down menu and audio in a WPF application. Simply, the application’s logic is the following – you select one media file from a drop-down list and then you play it. The

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C# – WPF – Runtime and Command Binding of Labels

In the current article I will show how to bind elements in a small application. Two types of binding are presented – the so called (by me) runtime binding and command binding. The difference is that the runtime binding is

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