VBA – Export of selected cells to HTML

Hello! In this article I will present a code for the easy export of selected cells into a HTML file.

In general, the code functions in the following way:

1. Takes a look at the selected range and performs a check whether there are any values in it. If there are no values, it returns a messagebox with message “Nothing to Export”.

 2. As a second step the code initiates file save. The default name is “vitoshacademy.htm”

3. Here comes the interesting part => The genration of the code into the htm file which we have just created in step 2. In order to do this, we use the following 3 lines:

Filename is the variable, which keeps the saved file.

4. The tricky part contains itself in the question – how do we generate a html code from a table? And here comes the answer – with a loop and a few conditional statements.

5. At the end we close the HTML tags and the file, the same way as we have opened them.

6. In order to inform the user, that this has been done, we call a messagebox with information about the path, where the code is.












7. So at the end you just have to go to the path and open the newly generated file.

Here is the original excel file.