VBA – Nested loops with recursion (Permutations)

There is a new article on the same subject here – https://www.vitoshacademy.com/vba-avoid-nested-loops-with-recursion-part-2/

Everyone knows how ugly it looks from a programming point of view to have 5 or 6 nested loops. But what can you do to avoid this? The answer is pretty simple – try to use recursion.

Imagine that you have to show all four digit combinations of the digits from 1 to 6. Something like this:


The trivial method is to do 4 nested loops and to run them. That is probably the only one I knew before. However, if you would like to use recursion to do it, the code becomes better. And if you want to use N nested loops, the code makes it possible.

Here it comes:

Also in GitHub.

Enjoy it! 😀


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