VBA – Quick Formatting with Smart Indent

We all know that any fancy environment (and by “any” I mean only Visual Studio and Eclipse) has a shortcut for quick formatting. This was bugging me a little, because MS Office does not have one and I had to format it all by myself. Formatting about 800 lines is not  a big deal, but if something can be automated, then it should be!

Anyway this was done by me manually, until a few days ago, when I kindly discovered the following software – “Smart Indent“. It is actually from 2005 (yup, about 9 years ago!), but it is works pretty good with Windows 7 and Office 2010 (actually it simply formats text, how bad can it work?).

So, what the software does? Once you install it, you get additional menu line in VBA>Edit like this:



Once you click there, you get your whole code Indented (which should mean formatted in a teeth shape).

There are Options, in which you may decide how to format your code! And it simply works! 😀 Enjoy!


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