Video course Review – Excel VBA: How to Write Like a Professional

Some time ago, I was asked to review an Excel VBA video course. As far as VBA is my first language, I am always interested to see what new is in the market 🙂

The course is available here:


So, let’s start with the review:

Who is the course for?
Anyone, who has some experience with MS Excel and needs it for his everyday work will profit from the course. MS Excel axiomatization is a powerful stuff, which can be used in real job tasks after just one-two hours of education. The further you invest to study it, the further you will go!

What the course covers?
Starting from the creation of your first macro, it teaches you good practises for usage of immediate window, debugging, usage of range, dealing with workbooks and worksheets, variables and loops and conditionals. This is quite enough to understand a simple VBA program or to automate your own Excel stuff. The bases of VBA are well explained, pdf summary is also provided. A big plus, is the fact that the code can be downloaded as well!

What the course does not cover?
The course does not cover the advanced VBA techniques, such as forms, classes and OOP, objects, events and etc.

What is the overall feeling that you get after following the course?
A good one! 🙂 I really like the style of explanation, it is calm and always with well written examples. Indeed, a beginner may learn a lot, if he invests his time, money and passion on the subject.

Go for it, if you are using MS Excel, but you have not studied VBA! It is a worthy investment!

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