Month: July 2013

MS Excel – Indication of duplicate values

An hour ago I had to look for duplicate values in a spreadsheet. I looked for a minute in google and found plenty of solutions, as you can imagine. One of the best was described here, but it is quite useless,

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C# – Creating a Matrix – Video

I have just made my first YouTube video!In it I create a matrix and I fill it up, using different directions. The size of the matrix is read from the Console. Or with other words, if the number is 5,

VBA – How to start?

Lesson 1 – VBA and Excel What is VBA? – VBA is something great, if you are working more than 1 hour with MS Excel and MS Access. It is simply said a must for everyone, who earns his money

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C# – Arrays

This is part the first C# problem, from arrays, given at Telerik C# 2 courses. Check it out. The problem itself is put as comments in the first two lines. In general, one should write a simple console application, which