Month: August 2013

MS Excel – Simple Linear Regression

Linear regression is something rather useful for forecasting analysis. If you want to understand more about linear regression, you may go to wikipedia, there you have a wonderful article about it. Long story short, linear regression is an approach, modeling

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SQL – Simple query with MS Access – Best In Class per Class

In this article with MS Access I will show how to create a good MS Access query, which results in best in class results. Let’s imagine, that we have the following data: In this database, we have four columns –

VBA – Open a Table at MS Access

In this article I will continue the subject concerning VBA and MS Access. I have thought of a rule of a thumb, presenting only 3 macros per article, thus being sure that the reader does not get bored. Here I

VBA – Three easy Excel Macros which will make your life easier

With this article I am going to present just a few easy Excel Macros, which I have found useful once. The first one is a typical example of loops in VBA and it creates an excel spreadsheet with tabs for

SQL – Access and Wikipedia – quick way to learn the basics

It is quite challenging and quite not interesting to learn SQL if you are a complete beginner – after reading a lot, about installation of servers and programs many people just quit and state that it is not their thing.

VBA – Export of selected cells to HTML

Hello! In this article I will present a code for the easy export of selected cells into a HTML file. In general, the code functions in the following way: 1. Takes a look at the selected range and performs a

C# – Check number and fill lists – Video

In this video I perform a check whether a number is an integer or a double. If it is double, it fills out a List<double>(); and if it is integer, it fills out a List<int>(); Once something is entered, which

C# – Random Password Generator – Video

I know a lot of people, having problems creating passwords. With the current code I will show you how to create a password using C#. The password consists of at least two capital letters, two small letters, a digit and

VBA – Opening and closing Word from Excel

Do you know that VBA can take over all the control over different MS Office applications? This is a simple example how you can open and close a Word application from Excel. In order to do this, you may use

VBA – Custom Excel Formulas

In this article I will show how to make custom MS Formulas. This is quite useful, if you want to use a formula, which is not available in the predefined Excel formulas. The inspiration for this article came, after I

VBA – Puzzle Game in Excel

So, in this post I will show you a puzzle game in MS Excel – it is like the old one, the kids from the ’90s used to have, before we had PCs. So, the excel file is here, just

C# – Quick Exchange Rate Calculator – Video

Hello All, I have created a small video, showing how to make use of the do-while loop for creation of small console applications. The interesting part of the code is the usage of the do-while loop, which executes the code