Month: September 2013

PHP – Expenses Sorter – Code Available

With the current application you may do the following – enter an expense and select what kind of expense it is. I have predefined some of the expenses, but you may add your own later. What the PHP application actually

PHP – Check whether cookies are cleared – Code explained

This site checks whether you have deleted your cookies. In order to check whether you have deleted successfully your cookies do the following: 1. Delete your cookies. 2. Refresh this website. If your cookies were deleted, the site will tell

C# – Mutiverse Communication – problem from IT competition/exam

On the 14th September 2013 I was participating in a C# competition for advanced by Telerik Academy. After spending 5 hours, trying to solve 5 quite tough C# problems, I have obtained 140 points. With this result I was ranked

Chrome – Browser Password Revealer

Hello! This is just a small post, explaining how to reveal a password from any menu at Chrome. Imagine, that you have used the option “Remember password” and due to it you have not even entered it once in the

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VBA – Reading information from a closed MS Access file

In this article I will show how to check data through a VBA code in Excel, which is available in a closed MS Access file. Let’s imagine the following: 1. You have an MS Access database file with some random

MS Excel – Just a little about the add-ins and how to get rid of them

In this article I will explain two really useful points: What are add-ins? How to get rid of them? (only in case that we need to) If we ask google, we understand that an addin is a component you can add

C# – Extraction of Emails from a Text – Video

In this article I explain how to perform a simple task, which is usually given to administrators – extract e-mails from a text. Once, about 4 or 5 years ago I was given such a task and I lost about