Chrome – Browser Password Revealer


This is just a small post, explaining how to reveal a password from any menu at Chrome.

Imagine, that you have used the option “Remember password” and due to it you have not even entered it once in the last few months. Then you should go to another PC, where all your passwords are not present. What do you do? You usually start clicking “Forgotten Password” links and then you start remembering secret questions and your mother’s maiden name. Actually, there is a little better option – the browser chrome allows you to see the password, behind the asterix.

This is how you do it.

1. You simply select the place, where the password is present.

2. You right-click it and select “Inspect element”, as in the picture.



3. Once you have done this, you see some beautiful menus, openning down on your browser.



4. There you simply go to the line, which is highlighted. If you lose the highlight, go to the password field again and it will highlight itself back. Chrome is really working well in this matter.

5. The line looks like this:

“<input type=”password” name=”Passwd” id=”Passwd”>”

6. What you should do is the following – simply change the input type from “password” to “text”.

7. Thus, it looks like this “<input type=”text” name=”Passwd” id=”Passwd”>”.

8. Once the text is changed you can see the characters, present in the password field. Try to memorize them.



9. At the end, you should consider returning the code back to “password” – it is really better to have it like this, in any case.

Attention: When I have written in the last picture “This is not a real password indeed!”, please believe it, indeed this is not my real password 🙂



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