Month: July 2014

VBA – HH:MM:SS from Minutes – Format in Access(Excel)

Today I was building some Access DB, where I had to sum two variables in HH:MM:SS format. Then I had to multiply them by one integer and at the end to display them as HH:MM:SS once again. It seems really

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VBA – Getting column name from number in Excel – Function

Long long time ago, when I was building some Excel VBA spreadsheet tool for a leading retailer, I was having some cheat-sheet in Excel, in order to find the number of the column in Excel – e.g. A-1, B-2, C-3

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VBA – Displaying the available AddIns in Excel

With the current article, I simply present a good way to list all the AddIns you have in MS Office, using VBA.   Pretty much, I declare a string array and I redimensionize it. Then for each addin in the

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VBA – Early and Late Binding

What exactly are early and late bindings? This is what MSDN tells us about it: The Visual Basic compiler performs a process called binding when an object is assigned to an object variable. An object is early bound when it is assigned to a

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