Month: November 2014

VBA – Locking and unlocking cells in a range – quickly

The case – you have a multi-sheet Excel file, where you need to lock each cell in a given sheet. You have an option to do it manually, but it takes time and you need twice the time to check

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VBA – Make Excel talk to you

Talk to me, Excel! 🙂 Yup, MS Excel can talk. In my case with a computer voice, which is close to a female one 🙂 How can you make use of it? I propose with a custom formula, which simply

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VBA – Excel function for union of ranges

This would be a rather small article. Roughly, what it does is to take all of the cells in given range and to join them one by one, in a way to display them in a shape. Still with me

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VBA – Merge horizontal cells with equal values in Excel

If you work as a VBA developer long enough, you may find quite interesting tasks to appear in front of you. Sometimes you have to merge horizontal cells with equal values. And because you are not going to do in

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Book Review – Excel VBA: for Non-Programmers (Programming in Everyday Language)

The current article reviews a VBA book for MS Excel. First things first – I am not sure what should be done to pursue the non-IT people, that VBA is not something difficult and every hour you spend, trying to

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VBA – Hide worksheets when not activate

If you are building a worksheet with some VBA in it and you are willing to have only one sheet visible in a time, then you need a small piece of code, hiding all other sheets. What we should do?

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VBA – Highlight cells with formulas

In the current article, I will show how to highlight only these cells, which contain formulas in the current Excel sheet. This can be useful, for a better orientation in the spreadsheet. With the property: .SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas) we quickly grasp, whether

VBA – Transfer data from Excel to Word

With the current article I will show you how to transfer data from Excel to Word. I will use Office 2010 and windows 7.   In the first code snippet, I declare 2 objects and a range. The first Object