Month: December 2016

VBA – Protect your code – Unviewable+ and the Ribbon Commander

Let’s state it straight every VBA developer is happy, when he can protect his own code. The VBE password is not secure protection, everyone with a few free hours and a good internet access can go around it. Thus, I was

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VBA – Add a C# library to a VBA project – Part 2

After writing the simple part here I think that it is a really good idea to introduce IntelliSense as well 🙂 Something like this in the code:   And like this is in the library:   The question is always one

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VBA – Add a C# library to a VBA project

For today I was thinking to present an algorithmic problem, but somehow I have decided to show something more useful. It is a Step-by-step instruction for the creation of a C# object in VBA. You know, that references, which you

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C# – Algorithms – Arpa’s hard exam and Mehrdad’s naive cheat

As mentioned some times ago, whenever I am looking for a subject to post, the easiest way is to go to and simply take a problem from the second division. If I manage to solve it from the first

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