Month: October 2018

VBA – How to check messages for specific words before sending them with Outlook

Gmail has the option to revert a message for about 10 seconds after you have sent it: Well, Outlook with VBA can do similar things, if you are willing to program it a bit with VBA. Let’s say that you

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Last Used Row (Last Used Column) in Excel with Formula (without VBA)

Getting the last row of a given column in Excel is easily done with a User-Defined Function in VBA:

There are two other formulas, which would get the last used cell in a given row, depending on whether it

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C# – Split String in One Line and Get the First SubString

Imagine, that you are given a string in C# with some separator in it, and you need to split it and refer to the first or the second part of the splitted string. E.g., you are having  *AAAaa*SEPARATOR*zzZZZ* and with one line,

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VBA – Error handling

Error handiling in VBA is a standard – once the error occurs, something should happen to prevent “breaking” the whole program. And usually this “something” is a MsgBox with information for the error. General error handling in VBA The general

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Using NumPy for Simulations

Learn how to use NumPy for simulations in this tutorial by Alvaro Fuentes, a data scientist with an M.S. in quantitative economics and applied mathematics with more than 10 years of experience in analytical roles. NumPy, also known as Python’s vectorization solution,

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Add comments in Excel with VBA

Adding comments with VBA is somehow quite a trivial task, if you already have the text of the comment and you are allowed to delete the comment if it is present. In general, the only difficult part is the check,

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