Month: December 2021

Python – Find All Substrings Between Two Character Pairs with RegEx

Sometimes you need to do what you need to do – use Regular Expressions for a trivial task. Now, imagine that you have some big text and you need to extract all substrings from the text between two specific words

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Python – Parsing PDFs with Tika

Reading from a pdf is actually quite an easy task with Python. If the PDF is of course “readable”, e.g. made from a word processor. The first thing to do is to install Tika and Java:

Having this, the

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VBA – VLookup with Multiple Criteria in Excel without Excel Formula but with VBA

Ok, the title became too lengthy, but the idea is to try to duplicate the beauty of what this formula does:

And this is the cell of the formula above: Anyway, the strange thing was that we have beautiful