Author: Mathieu Guindon
I must have been 12 or 13 years old when I unearthed the old Commodore-64 from my childhood, of which I remembered not much at all, beyond Q*Bert! and Pac-Man. I was thoroughly fascinated, and quickly learned the built-in BASIC 2.0, later QBasic on a "real computer", then VB4, VB5, and VB6 in my later teens. A few years later I started my professional life with Excel and VBA (Oh wow, I can write VB6 in Excel!), then I learned about databases with Access, moved on to SQL Server, and then learned C# and the .NET framework. These days I mostly work with T-SQL, SSRS, C#, and VBA.

Automagic & Secure ADODB

VitoshAcademy has the pleasure to welcome its first guest author – Mr. Mathieu Guindon.  He is the project manager behind Rubberduck – an open-source COM add-in project written in C#, extending the glorious VBE with modern-day IDE features.  On Code Review and Stack Overflow he is closely monitoring

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