How to fix – This workbook contains one or more links that cannot be updated…

Ok, if you are visiting this article, then probably the reason is that you have received the following messagebox upon openning of Excel:

And after looking all over your cells, with both VBA and “Find”, you have not found anything even slightly reminding a link. Then you have started wondering more and more, thinking where you did wrong in your entire life to be forced to earn a living as an Excel developer. Somewhere at this point you have found out this resource. And you may smile, because hopefully it will be useful – the hidden link is actually in the conditional formatting formula. How did it appear there? Noone knows, but it is ok, because you are going to delete it once and for all. With big satisfaction and a huge smile on your face. Try not to break your keyboard, while doing it! 🙂

Simply run this VBA code and it will be displayed in the immediate window (Ctrl+G):


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