JS – Run Java Script in Sublime Text

Imagine that you are just a guy, interested in JS and your favourite text editor is Sublime Text. You need to find a way to code better, while learning and to display the results in the console of Sublime Text like this:


The question is how? How to find this “magical” console. Here are the few steps, which you need to follow in Windows (no idea, probably the same works with Ubuntu as well).

  • Install Node.js from the official site (write Node.js in google)
  • In Sublime Text -> Tools>Build System>New Build System
  • Delete the text and write the following:

  • Save As node.sublime-build
  • Restart Sublime Text (I was trying about 15 minutes w/o restarting and I have tried about 3 different settings)
  • Build with Ctrl+B

That’s all. Here is the code from above in text format! 🙂

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