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Book Review – HTML5 Games Development by Example

At the beginning of August I have started to read the book HTML5 Games Development by Example, provided to me kindly by Packt Publishing. The book tells us exactly what is written at the title – it shows you how to

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Book Review – Learning Android Intents

During the last few weekends I was busy reading the book “Learning Android Intents“. As far as I am kind of developer with NO Android dev. experience, the book was interesting for me, due to the fact that it is

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Expected Book Review – Learning Android Intents

This week I have finally bought a smart phone 😀 Thus, I will start reading the book “Learning Android Intents“, so you can expect its review in two or three weeks!

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Book Review – Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook – An excellent Cookbook with Great Recipes

In the last 3 weeks I have read the Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook and I was quite satisfied with the experience. Click on the book to go to its site in packtpub.com So, what this book has to offer to a

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Java Script – Animation of a line in Google Maps

Some time ago I have started to read an outstanding book for the Google API. Currently, I have read only 40% of it, but still there are some really interesting pieces of code, which I want to present in my

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