Book Review – Learning Android Intents

During the last few weekends I was busy reading the book “Learning Android Intents“.


As far as I am kind of developer with NO Android dev. experience, the book was interesting for me, due to the fact that it is written is a simple & understandable way. The structure of the book is quite ok, each chapter is clearly targeted at a its subject and clarified it. The presented code worked really fine 🙂

So, if you do not have any idea what an intent is, the book gives a good description at chapter 3, although you should get quite a good understanding about the core subject before reaching this far:

What are the Android Intents – Intents are asynchronous messages used to activate one Android component using another. These intents are used to trigger the Android OS when some event has occurred, and some actions should be taken. The Android OS, on the basis of the data received determines the receiver for the intent and triggers it.

In general, Intents are must-know for any Android developer and one of the best parts of the book is that it actually goes quite deep into showing you how to handle them. The code examples were quite well explained and if you have some Android and Java experience they would not be difficult to grasp. What I definitely liked in the book was the introduction chapter – the authors have told the history of the Android development quite well and for an Android newbie like me, this was worthy!


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