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C# – Build a .NET Standard library with Visual C# – Video

Following the Microsoft tutorial for building a .Net Standard library with Visual Basic from here, I have decided to make a video for .Net Standard library with C#. Pretty much, it is one and the same. The library contains one

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Excel – How to build magic square with VBA, following Python Mod Mathematics

Some 4 years ago I wrote an article for calculating magic square with python. What the article did was actually checking whether the square is magic, and not calculating a new one. This one is going to show how these

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Build, Test, and Deploy with Zappa

Learn how to build, test, and deploy a Python web service using Zappa in this article by Abdulwahid Abdulhaque Barguzar, a software architect and an active contributor to the open source community. He has developed a deep understanding of architecting

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