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VBA – Sorting VBA array – Functions in VBA

In the current article, I will show how to resolve with VBA an entry exam for programming in HackBulgaria. The problems could be resolved in any language and I will use VBA for the first two in this article. The idea

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VBA – Collections with Excel :)

Today I have learned that someone (most probably an engineer from MicroSoft) has tought of putting in VBA! Thus, making it really a fully functional programming language. Quite good! Long story short – what are collections? Collection is a built-in class

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VBA – 5 Excel Worksheet Based Tricks

In this article, I present 5 useful Excel worksheet based tricks: Set a date and time for the beginning of the latest update on the sheet; Color the changed cells in red; Change the sheet name based on the value

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VBA – Custom Excel Formulas (2)

After the first article for custom excel formulas with VBA (here) I have decided to enlarge my knowledge in the area with some additional examples. Here I present three different custom formulas for excel. 1. The first one is an

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