The owner of won a programming challenge

Yup, that is true! 🙂

I was one of the 5 people to successfully create a web crawler, crawling web sites and writing the server of these in a database. The challenge was posted by HackBulgaria. Here is the task of the challenge:

A simple weekend challenge Now, we know a lot of different things – HTTP, how to crawl websites, how to store data in sqlite. Now, lets combine that into something more advanced. We are going to upgrade the 1-Scan-Bg-Web problem by adding few more things: We want to crawl more websites. Lets say, crawl the entire We want everything we can get out of there. Store the data in a sqlite database! Crawl only websites that have not been crawled before!. This will make our script more useful since if we crawl 10k sites and something breaks down at the 9999th, we are going to lose the entire information we have 🙁 So add a database! Make the script crawl every day, lets say at 12:30PM. Figure out how to make this. Of course, have a script that exports the data in a histogram, using matplotlib That’s it. Good luck!

Finally a nice picture of myself (the one on the left with the grey T-shirt) and the other winners with our prizes – raspberry pi 2:



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