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VBA – Cells and Ranges in Excel – Video

Cells and ranges in Excel are quite interesting, as these will always give some points to think of. About an year, after writing the article about VBA – Cells and Ranges in Excel (A bit more than the standard story),

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Python and MachineLearning Summit in Berlin – Summary

This Monday and Tuesday (14. – 15. October 2019) I was in Berlin, participating at the #Python and #ML Summit. Actually, #Berlin is a nice city, one of my favourites in Germany, thus if you are not from there, only

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“OMG I CAN DO VB6 IN EXCEL! WATCH ME!!!” – Mathieu Guindon about VBA 15 years ago

Mathieu Guindon is the project manager behind Rubberduck – an open-source COM add-in project written in C#, extending the glorious VBE with modern-day IDE features.  On Code Review and Stack Overflow he is closely monitoring the vba tag. Ex-moderator on Code Review  (2015-2018), Microsoft Excel MVP (2018).

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How to pass Microsoft exam 462

This month I have passed Exam 70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server. Thus, officially I am a MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014. Concerning the exam – it is tough! In order to pass it I have studied for about 6 months. The

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Software Architecture Summit – Diagrams for Modern Software Architecture

Yesterday, I was at Berlin for the first day of the Software Architecture Summit. I have participated on one of the workshops – Diagrams for Modern Software Architecture and I will simply put my notes about it, hoping that it

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News – Book Review – BI Tools for Small Companies – Coming Soon

Business Intelligence is really a thing in the small companies – usually they do not want to invest a lot into software and consultancy, thus a regular controller or a developer can become the company’s champion easily. 🙂 As far

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News – DevOpsCon – What has VitoshAcademy done 2 days in Berlin?

The past week, on Monday and Tuesday I was in Berlin, for the DevOpsCon.     On Tuesday was the first day of the conference. I was present on a few DevOps talks and in general, I managed to understand

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DevOps Conference in coming – time to install Python on my machine

In less than 4 days I would be travelling to Berlin to see what is happening on the DevOpsCon there. I will be present for a whole day workshop for machine learning with Python, thus I have decided that it

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.Net Summit – Something interesting in Munich! :)

This week was a nice one in a way – no work and just conferencing in Munich! The .Net Summit in Munich has gathered about 40 .Net professionals and “meine wenigkeit” was one of them. Thus, I have participated in

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News – .Net Summit in Munich with VitoshAcademy

VitoshAcademy is opening new horizons! In the beginning of May, I will go to Munich, to participate in the .Net Summit and just to see where the German .Net professionals stand.  The event is in Munich and is divided into

News – The owner of VitoshAcademy is a Microsoft Specialist – Programming in C#

Vitoshacademy is proud to announce that its owner, is now a Microsoft Specialist in Programming in C#, exam 70-483. So, after MTA and MCP, this is the new certificate in the collection. The exam was tough, indeed and this is

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Book Review – Practical Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 – Coming Soon

With C# as probably my first “real” language, it is quite normal that Visual Studio was my first “real” IDE. Thus, I am always interested when something new, concerning Visual Studio comes to the market. Thus, my interest was attracted

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Book Review – C# 6.0 and the .Net 4.6 Framework – coming soon

C# is probably my first “real” programming language. Pretty much I split my programming languages into two parts – “real” programming languages and VBA. I like the “real” part, because if I was given 1 euro every time someone has

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News – The owner of VitoshAcademy is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

On the 9.August I have published an article, announcing that I am a MTA in C# development. Now, some 2.5 months later, I am  a Microsoft Certified Professional in Querying SQL Server 2012. Unbelievable! That’s why I was lately reviewing

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Book Review – 3 More SQL Books – Coming Soon

You read it correctly. After the posts from this week, here and here announcing two new books for review, now I am announcing 3 more. This time, there is no book of 1000+ pages thus it looks doable. Hopefully I will

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Book Review – SQL Server Query Performance Tuning – Coming Soon

The summer is slowly going away. And the new targets for the end of the year are set. Program minimum is the Microsoft MCP Exam in the Databases track. 🙂 In order to achieve it, I have asked to

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Book Review – Pro SQL Server Administration – Coming Soon

After becoming MTA (MS Technology Associate), I have decided to continue with the Microsoft Certification (MCP and MCSA) in the DB area. For this, I need to study a little more than for the MTA exam, so lets see what

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News – The owner of VitoshAcademy is a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Although I do not blog a lot about subjects outside programming and book reviews, I have decided that this one deserves a separate blog post. 🙂 Today I have passed the 91-361  – Software Development Fundamentals of Microsoft and I am

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VBA – 5 questions to the VbaDiff developer Chris Spicer

A week ago I was willing to find a way to unlock easily *.xlsb files. Thus, I have found the software of VbaDiff and I have kindly asked Mr. Chris Spicer for a review copy. It turned out that VbaDiff

Book Review – JavaScript Object Programming – Coming Soon

JavaScript object programming – another book for JavaScript is waiting to be reviewed in vitoshacademy! 🙂 Hopefully, after reading it, I will understand deeper all the ways to make OOP in JS. It was always a trilling subject for me, let’s make

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Book Review – Databases for Small Business – Coming Soon

  Database for small business was something I thought I had no competition in. 🙂 My idea was that the “great professional developers”, the so-called “champions” do not go into that field and thus, there is plenty of place for

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Book Review – Learn PHP 7 – Coming soon

After writing some articles about PHP and even reviewing books about it, I have asked the nice people from Apress.Com to kindly send me the book PHP 7 for a review.  And they did it! 😀 Thus, I hope I would

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Book Review – Full Stack JavaScript – Coming soon

A new book for a review from Apress has been received recently – Full Stack JavaScript from Azat Mardan. In the latest few months I am putting some efforts into learning JS, as far as it is somehow more productive and

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Book Review – Pro PHP and jQuery – coming soon

VitoshAcademy.Com has obtained a new book for a review from The book is Pro PHP and jQuery from Jason Lengstorf , Keith Wald. The book will be reviewed within some reasonable time 🙂 I do not recall reviewing PHP book, so

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Book Review – Dashboards for Excel – Coming soon

VitoshAcademy.Com (a.k.a. me) has just received a new book for a review from The book is Dashboards for Excel from J.Goldmeier and P. Duggirala and I hope to review it until the end of February. Until then, if you

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Book Review – Custom SharePoint Solutions With HTML and JS – Coming Soon

Some 3 years ago I have built some SharePoint application professionally. It was really a lame application, but I use the word “professionally” because I did it as part of my paid internship at one company (if I got money

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VBA Library Creation

The idea of the VBA library is to systematize the most used self-written functions everyone is using in his daily coding life into a few modules, which may be used by anyone, who is coding for his daily bread and

Book Review – Python Algorithms – Coming soon

In the next two – three weeks I will become back a master in Python. This is the second book received from Apress for the last week and I would really do my best to write a good review of it. Expect a review

Book Review – Python Data Analytics – Coming soon

A new book review is coming in the next weeks – I have noticed the Python books of Apress some time ago and today I was provided with a paper copy for a review.   The review is yet to come!

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News – The Ultimate Review Team has been summoned for first video review

The Ultimate Review Team has been summoned today to make reviews of Sony Z2 and SWR30. Take a look at our epic selfie: The Beauty, the Geek and the Mighty Pig made 4 terrific video reviews (in their own opinion!) which

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