VBA – Access – Export a table in HTML and other tricks

After showing some tricks for VBA MS Access, I have decided to go back to the field again to find a way to export a table in HTML format. Actually, VBA and Microsoft have taken care of the issue (no irony here) and have provided a cool feature exactly for this. Pretty much, the code is one line only and looks like this:

Furthermore, the “TRUE” at the end of the second line means that the table is going to be opened in the default browser. So, I took some Access tables from other examples and I have decided to make it a little more interesting. The table I used is this one:


After running this one line code, in HTML it looks like this:


And in order to make the whole article better, I have decided to associate the command to a button, thus making some kind of user friendly MS Access application. The user friendly application has two more options – it selects some football teams, established after 1940 and it also selects a team called “Beroe”. So, considering that 3 small macros is enough for today I have decided to write them down here.

This is how the user friendly MS Access looks:


Here is the code for the selection of “Beroe”:

Here is the code for the selection of the teams, established after 1940:

If for any reason you want to test the MS Access application, you may do it here.

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