VBA – Count the Number of Chars in a String

In the current article, I will present the way to calculate the number of chars in a string with VBA. The inspiration came from the entry exam for HackBulgaria Programming 101v3. The tasks were given some months ago, so I assume it is OK to publish my solutions for them 🙂


As far as the guys teach Python, I can bet that no one tought of resolving the tasks with VBA. Anyway, here is the problem:


Implement a function with the following signature: ExOh(str)
str is of type string.
The function should return true if there is an equal number of x’s and o’s in str. It should return false otherwise.
Things to know:

  • Only these two letters will be entered in the string, no punctuation or numbers.
  • You don’t have to check for valid input.
  • You can use any language you know.


ExOh(xoxoox) # true
ExOh(oooxoo) # false

So, what I did? Actually nothing complicated – an Array and a for-loop did the work for me pretty fast. If I had an option to use for-each for the string, it would have been actually even better. But this is VBA, so lets hate it less 🙂

This is how it looks like:


Here comes the outstanding code :

Enjoy it!

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