VBA – Check distance between two chars in a string

In the current article, I will present the way to calculate the number of chars in a string with VBA. The inspiration came from the entry exam forHackBulgaria Programming 101v3. The tasks were given some months ago, so I assume it is OK to publish my solutions for them.

The previous task is resolved with VBA here.


So, this is the problem, as explained by the team of HackBulgaria:

AB Check

You have the implement a function, with the following signature: ABCheck(str).

The argument str is of type string.

The function should return true if the characters a and b are separated by exactly 3 places anywhere in the string at least once.

Otherwise return false

For example – "lane borrowed" would result in true because there is exactly three characters between a and b. .

You can use any language you know.


<class=””>ABCheck(after badly) # false
ABCheck(Laura sobs) # true

What I did? I have decided to look at two cases – case one, is when we have first the “a” and four positions later the “b” and case two, is when we have first the “b”.

How I did it? With one for-loop and two checks for A and for B. Probably in Python the solution can be in less than 10 lines, but this one is in Excel 😛

Here is how it looks like:


Here comes the code:

Enjoy it! 🙂

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