VBA Excel – String between two strings

Today I was looking for a solution, giving me the option to locate a string, defined between two strings. Pretty much the story of any developer’s life.


So, I found a really useful resource, which helped me to build my code – http://www.devx.com/tips/Tip/40934

I just amended the possibility that we may have some paragraphs in front and in the back, which really changes the solution, as far as I do not want paragraphs returned as a result. So, as you see, the code is actually copy+paste from the source above, I have just added two additional optional arguments, helping me to decide whether I want to have the paragraph from the start or the end removed. The paragraph is with 2 signs, that’s why I remove 2 in the conditional statements in the middle.

At the end I had to develop something like a get last method, giving me the end of the string. So, this is it, all developed by myself  – GetLast:

And it worked out awfully beautiful!


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