VBA – Insert Into String

Inserting into string in Excel should be a trivial task, but it always makes sense to have something prepared in the boilerplate, before you start working.

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Ok, why is it important to have a nice function, if something like this already does the job:

Good question, and the answer is because we will not always remember to add some nice corner cases. E.g. what would happen if we want to insert on a position, that is way bigger than the length of the string like this:

Or if we somehow passed a parameter, and it turned out to insert a string at the 0-th or a negative position, as it somehow makes sense for the author?

Ok, without further delay, the code handling these two cornercases is here:

And if you feel like improving my boilerplate, you might consider doing it here: https://github.com/Vitosh/VBA_personal/blob/master/Formatting/InsertIntoString.vb

Enjoy! 🙂