VBA Library Creation

The idea of the VBA library is to systematize the most used self-written functions everyone is using in his daily coding life into a few modules, which may be used by anyone, who is coding for his daily bread and butter in VBA.

Yes, you probably do not need to write a function to print an array in the immediate window in every project you are writing or you do not want to go through the difficult procedure with 5-6 clicks to delete a named range in excel. Nope, once this is done, it should stay.


Thus, I have created a repository here:


where I would start publishing my VBA personal code. The one, that I am using on my daily activities and the one that I really consider valuable. After some time, once I have passed the milestone of 50 functions and subs, I will go over the code and systematize it all over.

I would be flattered, if someone, working daily with VBA considers the code valuable and is willing to contribute with code, procedures or even ideas! Make pull requests to contribute.

Thank you!