VBA – Too many different cell formats

Sometimes with Excel you receive an error message, saying “Too Many Different Cell Formats”. This is really hard to believe, because you have not done something bad or strange and yet you cannot finish your action.


Still, Microsoft knows about this bug (or feature) and has a solution for it. Or 4 solutions for it, published here – https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/213904

However, I will add a fifth solution, which probably (at least for me) works better than the provided four. It is a VBA code, which runs through the file and deletes the styles, which are additional. No Addin-s, simply nothing. Save the file as a XLSM or XLSB and run the VBA.

Then you can work and simply thank me for this 🙂

Here comes the code:

That’s it. It simply works! 🙂

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