Month: May 2014

Java – Making a snake

As you probably know, I am an online student at the Software University in Bulgaria, Sofia. This week, we had to submit a simple game in Java, developed by me and 4 other online students as a team. After some

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VBA – Working with Classes from the Immediate Window

If you have some experience with VBA, you already have enjoyed the usefulness of the immediate window – it simply does anything! Anyway, when you try to enter a subroutine, a method or a function, declared in class, you receive

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VBA – Adding useful shortcuts to VBA with MZ Tools

As I have already written in this article, the free MZ Tools add-in is a must for any VBA developer (or skilled secretary, as I have heard quite a lot). Anyway, in this article I will simply show how to

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VBA – Collections with Excel :)

Today I have learned that someone (most probably an engineer from MicroSoft) has tought of putting in VBA! Thus, making it really a fully functional programming language. Quite good! Long story short – what are collections? Collection is a built-in class

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VBA – Quick Renamer of files in folders with VBA

Hi there, if you ever need a quick renamer of files in forlders – that is the VBA code you may use:

What it does? It enters the directory “C:\users\chinese” and renames any file there adding “_Chinese” to its

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Book Review – Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook – An excellent Cookbook with Great Recipes

In the last 3 weeks I have read the Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook and I was quite satisfied with the experience. Click on the book to go to its site in So, what this book has to offer to a

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Java Script – Picking up coordinates of point in Google Maps

Three weeks ago I have started to read an outstanding book for the Google API. So far I have finished it and this is the third review of code I have done, based on the book. The previous two concern

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Java Script – Synchronization of three maps

Three weeks ago I have started to read an outstanding book for the Google API. Currently, I have read about 70% of it and I have found plenty of useful code to present. Here is the book:   In the current

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