Month: May 2016

C# – Algorithm Solution for Vasya and String

I have not solved algorithm problems in a while and thus, I have decided to take a look at the latest not difficult problems Codeforces.Com. I somehow liked the problem for Vasya And String as far as it seemed quite easy

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VBA – Bayan Bus Algorithms

Some one year ago there was something called Bayan 2015 Contest, published in Thus, I have decided to solve one of the contest problems with VBA in Excel. And actually, as expected I have managed to do it! 😀

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Book Review – Excel VBA 2013: For Non-Programmers (Programming in Everyday Language) – Second Edition

Some time ago I have reviewed the first edition of Excel VBA for non programmers. Thus, I was really flattered when the author has asked me to review the second edition as well. 🙂 The strong sites from the first

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C# – Unit Testing In C# – Fibonacci Example

Unit testing is fun. Somehow. At least in C# 🙂 As far as I am making a living mainly as a VBA developer and I am taking a look at other technologies, I am always somehow jealous of how sufficient and

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C# – LINQ, ForEach, Classes, Override

Some 2.5 years ago I have first written an article for LINQ, when I was learning it. Now, I was watching at some videos about algorithms and I realized I have not used LINQ in quite a while and I have

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